My name is

Boy Berends

and I am a

freelance web developer based in Utrecht

, The Netherlands.

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+31 (0)6 38 65 35 64

Image heavy portfolio site for Dutch design/production company Triomf. Incorporating a grid system to provide a responsive website that is mobile-friendly. The Javascript navigation provides a fade effect for a smooth transition between all the pages.
An elegant design for goldsmith Maaike. Her logo repeated over and over in the background forming the holders of the content. When clicking an image it smoothly grows bigger and reveals a slider containing more images. This way a lot of images can be browsed with a few pieces getting front page attention.
Essentially you’re looking at Google Maps. However visually it looks quite different. Still retaining useful functionality like being able to see your live location while walking around the area. To focus the user on De Pijp a custom overlay image was placed on top of the map. This draws you in to explore that specific area.


Using a compass like navigation to transition between pages. Some weird tricks in this one, like being able to scroll 2 image rows at the same time. Or overlaying 2 images with a svg mask to create a new pattern where both images are visible at the same time. Or using some math to randomly place certain items to create a sketchbook feel. (this site isn’t live yet)
Video artist Rogier van der Zwaag makes cool videos. So he needed an equally cool site to showcase his portfolio. Baster made a clean black and white design featuring some fullscreen videos and video rollovers.
Architecture Studio L A needed a website for their project pitch. The site features some fullscreen JUMP animations based on your scroll position.
Emiel Steenhuizen had a dream of one day creating a children's book. In 2017 he did it. After a successful crowdfunding he was able to make the first book (Yokka wil een tattoo) but also start a small publishing company at the same time. Clean design by Baster on a Bootstrap framework and Wordpress CMS. Scroll all the way down for a nice little sound effect!
I also like to take pictures. Have a look over here.